The Holy Trinity


Trying to portray the Trinity,

but always aware of the Biblical prohibition against depicting God, icon painters turned to the story

of the hospitality of Abraham who was visited by three wanderers.


In this icon they could convey through this image the idea of

the unity and indivisibility of

the three persons of the Trinity. 

In this icon all the angels are equally important; only this

icon truly conforms to the idea

of the Trinity:


 “The Father, Son , and  Holy Spirit"

Who are we?


We are Eastern Catholics of the Byzantine Rite.  Byzantine Catholics embrace full communion

with the Church of Rome and its primate, Pope Benedict XVI, the successor of St. Peter,

the first among the Apostles.


We are keeping alive our ancient Christian heritage, which was brought from Constantinople to Kyiv in 988 A.D., by St. Volodymyr (Vladimir) the Great.


Byzantine Catholics are part of the Eastern Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, and not the Orthodox Church. While the majority of Roman Catholics belong to the Latin Rite, the Eastern Rites provide a special dimension to our Catholic heritage and spirituality.


The Catholic Church is made up of many different Rites. Rites basically refer to groups of the faithful who share the same manner of performing services for the worship of God and the sanctification of the faithful.


Rites are the various forms of worship that developed within the Catholic Church as it spread through different cultures. All Rites hold to the same fundamental truths of Christianity, while they differ in how they express the faith. The diversity of the Rites does not undermine the unity of the Catholic Church; all are in union with the Pope of Rome.


The spiritual heritage of the Byzantine Catholic Church is the same given to us by the Apostles and which matured in the Christian East, during the period of the Byzantine Empire.



We belong to the Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma, Ohio, headed by Bishop Bohdan Danylo







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Byzantine Rite

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church


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Holy Days:  
Various—please call office for hours
Confessions: Every Sunday and Feast days 
(Other times available by appointment)

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